Michelle Varinata was born in Indonesia, but raised in Singapore. She studied art history at Loyola Marymount University, where she graduated with a Bachelor's degree. Now, she is based in Singapore.

Anna Kamensky is a recent graduate of the Art Market MA program at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She received her BA in Art History from the University of Delaware. A lover of drawings, photography, and sculpture, she enjoys frequenting galleries and museums. She is also an avid concert goer and NY Mets fan. 

Kimberly Henderson is an art writer and arts advocate based in Harlem, NYC. She currently manages a contemporary art gallery in the heart of the Chelsea arts district in New York City. She has contributed to various arts publications including Gallery Gurls , NY-ARTNews and The Art Story, among others. 

Her experience is based in artist residency programming and museum/gallery relations and her current arts endeavors are based in Modern and Contemporary art, with specific interest in broadening the presentation of works by artists of color and fostering a welcoming relationship between the institution of art and the general public

Ylenia Mino is a Fine Artist, Art Advisor and Writer based in Los Angeles. She is a contributor for NY-Art News and
Her art career started in Italy, then NYC and Los Angeles became her main focus. 

Grishma Khodaria is an Art Critic, Contemporary Artist, Masters of Fine Art specialization in Painting, Art Criticism, Art Appreciation, Aesthetics and Art History from University of Delhi, India. Also a researcher of Neuroaesthetics and ICF accredited Business, Fine Art and Life Coach from Hong Kong and Beijing.

Monica Herrera is a Journalist, video producer and photographer base in New York. She is a contributor for NY-ARTNews. Currently telling visual stories as an in-house director of photography and video producer for Angle New York. Previously as a reporter and multimedia journalist Monica has covered a variety of events and news stories and interviewed artist and personalities from different backgrounds- all while contributing to diverse organizations.

Jennifer Vignone Jennifer is an artist, concentrating on book art, lithography, drawing, and writing. She works as a graphic designer, specializing in UX/UI design and usability. Her clients include major advertising and financial firms. In addition, she works with a New York-based museum where she helps create a creative, intriguing, and positive experience for museum guests. Her aim in writing for publications such as NY-ArtNews is to encourage readers to look beyond what is initially in front of them, delving deeper into their own thoughts and question what is art, creativity, real and imagined, and to learn from that experience, gaining greater understanding.

Sofia Thieu D'Amico is an arts writer and researcher based in New York. She graduated in 2019 from Fordham University with a BA in Art History, and is currently pursuing her Master's in Curatorial Studies at Bard College. Informed by her Vietnamese heritage and time spent studying in Tokyo, Sofia's art historical concentrations are in Southeast Asian, East Asian, Asian Pacific Islander and Asian American contemporary artists, but more largely, in opening space for contemporary BIPOC artists in today's arts landscape. She has worked and interned with institutions such as Japan Society, the Isamu Noguchi Museum, Tyler Rollins Fine Art, LACMA, and most recently Hauser & Wirth. Her work and research focuses on exploring post-colonialism and decolonization, diaspora studies, indigenous rights and heritage studies, social engagement, community outreach, and ethical frameworks for social change through the arts. 

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