Reinterpreting the Past: with Aaron Cristofaro

August 7, 2020

What You Should Demand of Your Art Museum: Decolonizing the Arts

July 31, 2020

The Energy of Love and Nature; Jacob Noteboom’s intuitive approach towards the planet and humans

July 31, 2020

An Influencer at the Service of Culture: The Italians’ Scandal!

July 31, 2020

INDECLINE: Hard-Hitting Protest Art for Racial Justice

July 31, 2020

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June 8, 2020

Carole Jury is a French abstract artist based in Princeton, New Jersey. Her aesthetic language is conveyed by the communication of saturated pigments through a sculptural play of thick mediums on a flat surface. Her richly textured works are balanced with calibrated pa...

October 30, 2019

Tibor Simon-Mazula has worked with the idea of intimacy for years, presenting his understandings across the world, including White Walls, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Next Gallery, and more. After spending over five months working to put together a book titled...

August 13, 2019

What has been your field of specialization? Which medium of art do you mainly work in?

I’m a 2D animator. I work on a range of jobs from film and TV based projects through to more commercial pieces in advertising. I have a background in illustration and design which act...

March 20, 2019

NY-ARTNEWS: What medium do you enjoy working in most? Which medium gives you the most fulfillment?

A.M: Mostly I enjoy painting, but I do work with other mediums too. I think painting is my favorite, it gives me freedom to express myself.

NY-ARTNEWS: How did you become a...

May 28, 2018

NY-ARTNEWS: How do you approach photography and painting differently?

OL: Both are like a hobby for me. When I’m not traveling with my camera, I spend my free time painting; I find it relaxing. I enjoy going to photo workshops with well-known photographers. I choose the...

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