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"There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about" (O. Wilde)

December 6, 2019

How many times did you google your name?

And how many times the research frustrated you, maybe after a picture of you taken while making your entry in the most fabolous you in an international opening reception or a vernissage?


Why the internet is so ingrateful with you?


Simple: your SEO is not powerful enough on the Google rank, and the net is not talking about you. Not enough, and, I am afraid, it’s your fault.


In this period of never-stopping over-communication, abandoned in the waves of informations, it is more and more difficult to be talked about, to appear on the flood of the news, to snatch a minute of attention, to tell to the world who we are and why should we be considered.


And suddenly, in the middle of the ocean, a little dove flyes, and it’s name is Wikipedia.

Wikipedia, yes: the most consulted encyclopedia of the world, the on-line omniscience, that virtual reality that everyone praises. Wikipedia, yes: the new non-place to appear.


On October 2019, Wikipedia has been consulted 900 millions times;in conjunction with this, using Wikipedia for business can help to boost your search engine results. being considered a high-authority site, and having proper links from it to your website can help raise your own status on the web


How to get there? How can one create a page?

The procedure is simple: you sign in as a contributor and you start to write, to upload your images, you talk about you, about what you do, about your business, then you wait the page to be approved. You can wait up to one month, until other contributors send it back to you, because something is missing: the external links are. You are not quoted, even if you are creating your own wikipedia page, nobody quoted you, already.

So, for being quoted on Wikipedia, the most important thing is to already have notability, and to have external links, which means that somebody must have talked about you in the past: if you want your page to exist, someone must have written about you, and I am afraid, it would not be enough to have appeared in the local newspaper or in a little blog: they must be pages and signatures of a certain caliber; you also need verified citations, achievements and facts.



Appearing on Wikipedia enhances your reputation and builds a solid image and credibility of you business: the only fact that your name is reported on it, legitimates your identity, helps you maintain your online reputation, to get more exposure and improve your business’ credibility in the absolutely, extemely, never-ending-growing competitive market.


I am afraid to say, but nowadays not having a Wikipedia page make a negative impression about your business. It suggests that either your business is not solid or not reliable.


And don’t forget that Google treats Wikipedia as a relevant, trusted source and getting a link from Wikipedia can help you get an instant boost in SERP rankings. Think about it, the next time you google yourself...

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